Sunday, August 9, 2015

How to Sleep on A Floor Bed With Back Problems

In my late forties now, I have had back problems since I was a child. I like the batting bed for my back, because it doesn't sag in awkward places.  The firm surface means it is customizable to whatever I need it to be. I use mods to get the support I need. A few things with the batting bed can be challenging with back problems, however.

Rising From the Floor

One problem is having the bed at floor level. I have to use special postural techniques designed for people with problematic backs to help me rise from the bed without hurting myself. Once I started using these techniques in the summer of 2012, my problems with rising from a floor bed were mostly eliminated.

The key elements of the technique for me is that when I unbend, I keep my core muscles engaged AND I unbend not at the waist, but at the hips.

When my back goes completely out, which is rare now, I do need to put a stepladder in front of the bed and use it to brace myself as I get up.

Pillow Support

The other challenge is that parts of my body need special support so my lower back and neck aren't strained on the hard, flat surface. After all, bodies are curved but floors aren't.

My solution: I use a lot of pillows in bed. I don't use them for their cushioning, but for the support they provide.

For a side-lying position, I use two firm pillows between my knees to prevent low-back pain and two equally firm ones under my head, enough to put my neck in a neutral position, and then one in front of me to brace my arm so my shoulder doesn't come forward too much.

I rarely sleep on my stomach any more, but when I do, one pillow goes under my abdomen.

For a supine position - lying on my back - I mostly forego pillows - I don't use any at all. When I do need a pillow under my head while lying on my back, I choose a soft, rather than firm, one and I make sure to slide it down so it's partially under the upper part of my shoulders, too.

With these compensations, I've been very happy with the batting bed.

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